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Healthy and Nutritious Nuts Supplied by CCI


Our company “CCI APAC HOLGINDS”, based in Singapore, is supplying and distributing the premium peanuts from reputable FSSC22000- and BRC-certified partner factories, enabling us to offer our customers delicious peanuts (aka groundnuts) with full traceability and safety.


We supply Runner type peanuts which are known for their uniform (good for roasting), medium-sized kernels, mainly used for exports, and preferred by manufacturers of peanut candies, peanut butter and snack nuts.

Peanut size types, such as 38/42, indicate the number of whole kernels in 1 ounce (or 28.34 grams).


Raw Runner Peanuts 38/42

Raw Runner Peanuts 40/50

Raw Runner Peanuts 50/60

Raw Runner Peanuts 60/70

Raw Runner Peanuts 70/80

Raw Runner Split Peanuts


Blanched Runner Peanuts 38/42

Blanched Runner Peanuts 40/50

Blanched Runner Peanuts 50/60

Blanched Runner Split Peanuts

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