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Global Macadamia Update - November 2021

The INC estimates around 6% rise in global in-shell macadamia production this year, with harvest up in all major producers - South Africa, Australia, Kenya, and PRC. Based on recent updates from the Australian Macadamia Society, good weather conditions for flowering and young trees will contribute positively to the 2022 crop. South Africa’s bumper crop was negatively affected by cyclone/raining during flowering as well as the Tortrix moth infestation. Despite the 38,500 mt crop estimate for Kenya this year, farmers/processors have only harvested around 37,000 mt due to the COVID19 caused disruptions. With new plants bearing fruit nicely, Kenya’s next year crop is expected to rise to 40,000 tons. According to recent price estimates from Europe, macadamia prices remain strong. For instance, the SA macadamia wholes, style 0 (20+ mm) is priced at €16.2/kg (~US$18.4) EXW. Our most popular macs are styles 1, 2, 4 as well as roasted slit macadamia nuts-in-shell from SA and Australian origins.

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