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Global Macadamia Update - February 2022

Overall, the market is optimistic about the global 2022 crop, but tropical storm "Anna" has now caused massive crop damage in Zimbabwe, uprooting some mature trees.

In Europe, spot market supplies are becoming scarce with firming prices. All macadamia growing regions of Australia have experienced excellent flowering and decent levels of rain at the right time.

South African 2022 crop seems very promising in terms of quality, and the volumes will be a bit more than in 2021. New crop macadamias in South Africa has started coming in and shipments of the 2022 crop will start from the end of March.

Most macadamia growing countries are currently in the off-season and awaiting the development of the 2022 crop, so the last stocks of the 2021 crop are currently being offered. CCI looks forward to continuing to serve you with our elite-quality macadamia. We look forward to hearing from you to discuss macadamia and other nuts.

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