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CCI NUTS: Pistachio updates - October 2021

Iran trade association 2021 pre-harvest crop forecast was at around 150,000 tons (dry in-shell basis). Based on it's estimates, the new crop consists of about 40% Ahmad Aghaei (long variety), 30% Fandoghi (round variety), 15% Jumbo and 15% Akbari (super long variety). The quality of crop 2021 seems to be closer to average with smaller nut size, and higher percentage of closed-shell and empty-floaters compared to last year. Some of our packers are telling us that the closed-mouth pistachios account for as much as 40% of the processed pistachios so far. The crop 2020 export figures from Iran were really good, the best since 2017. Now we know that crop 2020 estimate of ~190,000 tons was under-counted, and should be around ~220,000 tons based on actual export receipts.Also, the crop 2020 local trade of pistachios in Iran has decreased in favor of exports, mostly due to currency changes making pistachios relatively more expensive locally.

Kerman province updates

Pistachio production witnessed a setback this year. Growers harvested as little as 370 tons of fresh pistachios between 1 September and 2 October, of which only around 120 tons (~33%) will remain after shelling, drying and classification. Production is expected to range 70% lower than last year as less trees carried fruits. Average yields normally range at 1,34 kg/ha for fresh pistachios. This year's average yields are unfortunately much smaller at 1,21 kg/ha.

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